19 Jul 2019

Rehousing the Glass-Plate Negatives

We've already rehoused 3700 glass-plate negatives from the Society's early excavations thanks to your generous donations!

Thanks to the successful Archive Appeal from the end of 2018, work has already been well underway on rehousing the Society's glass-plate negatives. These negatives are from some of our earliest excavations at sites such as Abydos and Armant and are an invaluable resource for researchers.

Our first group of four volunteers finished two weeks ago after rehousing over 3500 slides, predominantly from the Society's 1930s excavations at Armant. 


Our incredibly efficient first group of volunteers. Left to right: Lydia Hazlewood (seated), Alix Robinson (EES Archive Assistant), Nicholas Thorp, Matthew Clark, and Jagoda Pawlak. 

Our second group of volunteers has only just begun and are currently focusing on the EES' 1920s work at Abydos.


Our second group of volunteers have just begun! Left to right: Francesca Kenney, Anthony Thomas, Caitlin Jensen, Adina Iaczko, and Alix Robinson (EES Archive Assistant).

You can get a full report of our hard work in Egyptian Archaeology 55, which will be available this autumn.