Donate to a specific fund

If you have a particular interest and want to ensure that your donations go directly there, then consider donating to one of our restricted funds which cover all aspects of our charitable work.

Research Fund

Help us to continue our support for exploration and study of Egypt’s unique cultural heritage through archaeological fieldwork as well as museum and archive based projects. Your gift could make the difference between discovery and destruction.

Education and Training Fund

Help us to provide skills to the next generation of scholars necessary for the ongoing investigation, preservation, and promotion of Egypt’s unique cultural heritage.  Your contribution could provide the next generation with the tools to protect and promote Egyptian heritage for the benefit of all those fascinated by the history of Egypt.

Publications Fund

Help us to create and share a lasting record of research. This could include the ongoing production and distribution of monographs and journals as well as communicating our work to online audiences. Your gift could make these resources available more widely, ensuring that researchers around the world can benefit from the research supported by you.

Collections Fund

Help to preserve and make accessible our unique Library, Archive, Cartonnage, and Papyri collections. Our Collections cover the history of European travel and exploration in the Nile Valley, as well as archaeological investigation of sites and monuments. Your gift could help us preserve these collections to engage future generations with the history of archaeological research in Egypt.