How to make a gift and take a US income tax deduction

To make a gift and take a US income tax deduction, you may make a donation to the British Schools & Universities Foundation (Federal Tax ID 13-616-1189), a charitable organization approved by the US Internal Revenue Service under code Section 501(c)(3). You should express a preference for the Egypt Exploration Society alongside your payments. Such preferences are respected by the Foundation but all grants are made at its sole discretion, as required by the IRS.

Read more about ways to support the Egypt Exploration Society through the British Schools & Universities Foundation here.

Donate by credit card

You can set up a one-time or recurring donation through Network for Good. You should specify the Egypt Exploration Society as the Approved Institution to benefit from your gift.

Network for Good will deduct 3% from your donation for processing, or you can opt to cover this in your donation. Note that when gifts are made online, your receipt for tax purposes will come from Network for Good.

Donate by check

Write your check in US dollars to the order of the British Schools & Universities Foundation. You should specify the Egypt Exploration Society in your transmittal letter, not on your check.

Send a transmittal form along with your check to: 575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10022-2511. Read more about donating to the BSUF here.