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Banner image: The capital of column 5 (after conservation) below the eastern part of Bay E (before conservation) at the temple of Esna, Hisham El-Leithy, Christian Leitz and Daniel von Recklinghausen, EA 63, 2023.

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Around the Obelisk of Senusret I at Heliopolis, Aiman Ashmawy, Simon Connor, Florence Langermann and Dietrich Raue

Reading the Erasures at Hatshepsut’s Temple, Jun Yi Wong

The New Zodiac over Esna, Hisham El-Leithy, Christian Leitz, and Daniel von Recklinghausen

Temple of Hathor discovered at Saqqara, Ahmed M. Osman

Intriguing Animal Burials discovered at Abydos, Sameh Iskander

Has the Tomb of Thutmose II been found? Piers Litherland

Drawings along the Nile, Dorian Vanhulle

Fostering Pride in Sudanese heritage, Amanda Ford Spora

‘Tutankhamun the Boy’ at the Petrie Museum, Gemma Tully, Anna Garnett, Emma Bryant and Catriona Wilson

Mr. Hayter’s Notebook: Insights on the 1921 excavations at Amarna, Stephanie L. Boonstra and Anna K. Hodgkinson

Peter J. Brand, Ramesses II: Egypt’s Ultimate Pharaoh 
Colin Reader, A Gift of Geology: Ancient Egyptian Landscapes and Monuments
John Romer, A History of Ancient Egypt, Volume 3

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