It may be said of some very old places ... the nearer we approach them, the more remote they seem; the more we study them, the more we have yet to learn. Each season beholds the exploration of new sites, and each explorer has some new thing to tell ... The interest never flags – the subject never palls upon us – the mine is never exhausted.

Amelia B Edwards

Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers, 1892

Since 1882, the Egypt Exploration Society has supported and promoted Egyptian cultural heritage around the world. Today, we continue to support current research including archaeological fieldwork and survey, as well as research in museums, archives, and collections. Below are some of the projects that we are supporting or affiliated with currently. You will find details of some of our previously supported projects here.

Projects currently supported

Project Amunet_temple of Nebhepetre Mentuhotep_Deir el-Bahari_Amunet's lost tomb

Project Amunet

Being Egyptian

Being Egyptian

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