28 Nov 2023

Ancient Egypt in 50 Discoveries

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, we raised enough funds for the Society’s Sponsor a Book: Ancient Egypt in 50 Discoveries Appeal in 2023 to publish our next book! You've made it possible to share the significance of our work with the world.

Banner image: Relief of Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II and the Goddess Hathor, discovered during EES excavations at Deir el-Bahari in 1907. MMA 07.230.2.

Nefertiti_Amarna_CEM JE59286.jpg

This volume will bring together, for the first time, a selection of highlights from the first century of the Egypt Exploration Society’s work! This will range from rare kingly figures to treasures of daily life. Editors, Dr Stephanie Boonstra and Dr Campbell Price, as well as international contributors, will use these artefacts and monuments to tell the unique story of the ancient Egyptians: how they lived, how they died, and how they engaged with their world. Alongside this will be important considerations about the Society’s role in discovering this information and its ongoing legacy in the field of Egyptology. 

Right: Unfinished Bust of Nefertiti, discovered during EES excavations at Tell el-Amarna in 1933. Egyptian Museum in Cairo, JE 59286.

It is only thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters that Ancient Egypt in 50 Discoveries will be published in 2024, and we’re very grateful to all who donated to or shared this appeal. We will continue to provide updates on the publication on our social media channels using #AE50EES or update your contact preferences and opt-in for our newsletter to be the first to find out when the book is available!

23 11 28_Ancient Egypt in 50 Discoveries Success_Five objects.png

As a thank you for reaching our target, here are some highlights that will feature in the book:

  1. A unique ivory statuette of Khufu found at Abydos (Egyptian Museum in Cairo, JE 36143, see above) 
  2. A multi-coloured glass bottle from Amarna (National Museum of Denmark, inv. 9199, see above) 
  3. A senet gameboard from Abydos (Metropolitan Museum of Art, MMA 01.4.1a, see above) 
  4. A mummified Ibis found in the Sacred Animal Necropolis at Saqqara (Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UC30690, see above) 
  5. One colourful knitted sock from Antinoopolis in Middle Egypt (Leicester Museums and Art Gallery, A63.1914, see above)
  6. The bracelets from the tomb of Djer, Abydos (National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, JE 35054)
  7. The Mentuhotep Nebhepetre scenes from Deir el-Bahari (Metropolitian Museum of Art, MMA 07.230.2, see above)
  8. An unfinished bust of Nefertiti from Amarna (Egyptian Museum in Cairo, JE 59286, see above)
  9. The statue of Ankhkherednef from Tell el-Mashkuta (British Museum, EA 1007)
  10. A painted papyrus depicting charioteers from Antinoopolis (The Egypt Exploration Society, P.Ant. inv.66, see below)
Charioteers papyrus_P.Ant. inv.66.png

Remember, if you donated to this appeal, we will share the full contents list (as well as the entry for a previously unpublished object!) with all those who have donated as a special ‘thank you’!

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