01 Feb 2024

The end of 2023 focused on the travel and trade networks along the Nile Valley, celebrating the 150th anniversary of our founder Amelia Edwards' famous voyage up the Nile. If you missed our programme and want to learn more, watch our Spotlight Lecture series on our YouTube Channel. In 2024, we are going to consider some of the wonders of Egypt, but from a perspective you may not expect.

Giza pyramids - zoomed in.jpg

The Pyramids of Giza

Wonders of Egypt

January – July

Our early 2024 theme explores the most well-known sites and discoveries from Egypt by highlighting the aspects that are less known or often overlooked. Join us for the beginning of 2024, as we uncover the forgotten wonder that was the precursor to the modern metropolis of Cairo, experience a first-hand account of Tutankhamun's discovery by Howard Carter and his team, discover a virtual reconstruction of the ancient marvel that surpassed all ancient structures (according to Herodotus), and much more.

24 03 05 Accetta Crowe_Eclectic Elements of Egyptian Temples_Hathor_Dendera

The Temple of Hathor at Dendera (Vyacheslav Argenberg)

Our monthly Tuesday Spotlight series will focus on these wonders within Egypt, including speakers such as Kelly Accetta Crowe, Daniela Rosenow, and EES Director Carl Graves. For example, our March Spotlight, entitled Eclectic Elements of Egyptian Temples by Kelly Accetta Crowe, will explore features of Egyptian temples which are less frequently seen by the average visitor.

Our course programme continues with EES Development Manager Edward Scrivens, who will provide an Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Myth, starting on Thursday 23 May 2024. During this course, he will highlight how many of the wonders of pharaonic civilization – pyramids, temples, hieroglyphs, and more – were shaped by a complex worldview made up of unique concepts and motifs.

24 07 06 Abdelmonem_Wonders of Egypt_Overlaid Historic maps of Hawara pyramid and Labyrinth

Overlaid Historic maps of Hawara Pyramid and Labyrinth (Gamal Abdelmonem)

Our annual Summer Study Day will fall within this theme on Saturday 6 July, exploring ancient wonders such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the lighthouse of Alexandria and the Hawara Labyrinth. This hybrid event based in London and online via Zoom will feature prominent speakers, including Gamal Abdelmonem, EES President Doris Behrens-Abouseif, and best-selling author Bettany Hughes, whose latest publication: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World will be discussed here and reviewed in the spring 2024 issue of Egyptian Archaeology.

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