01 Jan 2023

Visualising Egypt in early 2023

Explore Egyptian art with us in 2023.

2022 marked a blockbuster year for Egyptology, celebrating one hundred years since Egyptian independence and the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, as well as two hundred years since the decipherment of hieroglyphs. If you missed our programme and want to learn more, watch our Spotlight Lectures from last year on our YouTube Channel. We now look forward towards our exciting programme planned for early 2023! 

Visualising Egypt

January – June

Our early 2023 theme explores the diversity and complexity of northeast African art and how it has inspired contemporary artists. Ancient Egyptian art can often be recognised due to its unique characteristics. However, join us for the next six months, as we go beyond preconceptions of Egyptian art to consider the unique artistic conventions of the Amana Period, explore how Egypt's identity shines through Islamic art and architecture, discover the impact of Nubian royal art on modern communities, see how Egyptian art has been translated into and inspired contemporary artists, and much more.

Banner image: Modern artwork by EES Member Richard Harvey, who was inspired by an EES Saqqara Sacred Animal Necropolis Slide, (EES SAQ-SAN.SLI.GV.005 courtesy of the Egypt Exploration Society)


Above: Photograph by Duncan Cumming, reproduced under Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license

Our monthly Tuesday Spotlight series will focus on Egyptian art and include speakers such as Dimitri Laboury and the new EES President Doris Behrens-Abouseif. To begin with, our January Spotlight by Julien Cooper will examine how the symbol of the Kandake or ‘queen’ of the Kushite Empire continues to inform and vivify the present. Rewatch this lecture via our YouTube Channel or click below to browse our full events programme.

Additionally, we will have our annual Virtual New Year Quiz on 31st January at 7pm (UK time), including a whole round focused on northeast African art. Test your knowledge in this just-for-fun(draising) quiz!

Our course programme will start with EES Director Carl Graves, who will consider the stylistic conventions associated with Pharaonic art and sculpture as well as the symbolism of colours in week three. Egyptian art will permeate throughout all of our courses, as it is intertwined heavily with religion, language, and archaeology.


Scene from the temple of Ramesses II at Abydos from our Online Course: An Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Our programmes and activities are only possible thanks to our international community of members. If you want to support Egyptian cultural heritage, join the EES today as subscriptions are now open for 2023-24.

Start visualising Egypt from a new perspective with the EES!

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