01 Nov 2018

JEA: Worth the wait

Members subscribing to the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology in 2017-18 should soon receive the highly anticipated issue 103.2. Here's what else is coming up!

Members subscribing to the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology in 2017-18 should soon receive the highly anticipated issue 103.2. This volume, though late, includes fieldwork updates and exciting new projects and techniques used in the field of Egyptian archaeology and we hope that you enjoy it.

Since our first publication in 1883 and the development of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology from 1914, the Egypt Exploration Society has been at the forefront of public and scientific dissemination of Egyptological scholarship. Over recent years, the world of academic publishing has changed considerably, with greater demand on publishers by scholars to increase production and from researchers to make publications more affordable and timely. We understand these pressures and are working hard to face these challenges in order for our work to be as accessible as possible in the future.

In late 2016 we entered into a publishing partnership with Sage Publishing in order to streamline the production of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology so that two issues could be produced each year, thus speeding up time between article submission and eventual publication. Alongside this development we launched our full JEA back catalogue online with no embargo on its access including articles not yet printed. We have offered this to members for just £25 per year and have seen a positive uptake of this and considerable downloads of articles (particularly relating to dentistry – who’d have known?!).

Understandably, there have been teething problems as we would expect with any new arrangement. Production issues and typesetting have pushed production back and a number of staffing changes have resulted in an unavoidable delay. JEA103.2 (which had been expected in winter 2017) was sent out last month and both issues of 104 (the 2018/19 subscription volumes) will be hot on its collar. The journal is now under the careful leadership of Dr Claudia Näser (Editor-in-Chief) and Stephanie Boonstra (Managing Editor).

This means that subscribers will soon face a feast of new scientific articles to catch up on including reports from the latest archaeological work at Shutb, conservation in the tomb of Ramesses III, and epigraphic recording at Gebel el-Silsila.

The JEA remains the leading English-language journal for the archaeology of Egypt and Sudan. These changes will ensure that it remains in this position for future generations and that we continue to supply you with the best quality academic research.

By subscribing to the Journal, either physically or online (or both!), you are actively participating in the Society’s traditions of research and dissemination established over a century ago. This system of excavation and publication ensures the greatest impact and global reach for Egypt’s unique heritage.

We’d like to thank you all for your understanding during this transitional period and trust that you will continue to enjoy your JEAs.

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