08 May 2024

A new chapter for EES publications

Launching our new look with new books!

Amarna Statuary - cover design.JPG

We’re delighted to showcase a new cover design for EES memoirs channelling our clear branding and a new accessible layout for interior content. These designs, developed by EES Publications Manager, Julia Thorne, will feature in our two latest volumes:

Archaeological Sites of the Nile Delta of Egypt

This book is a remarkable achievement and extremely important for Delta archaeology and history!”
Dr Robert Schiestl

This comprehensive publication … is sure to become an essential reference for archaeological research of sites and settlement patterns in Lower Egypt for decades to come.”
Dr Hannah Pethen

Spencer - Delta Gazetteer (cover).jpg

Archaeological Sites of the Nile Delta of Egypt is a directory, making available the data on all 783 of the sites in the Egypt Exploration Society's Delta Survey. Data has been gathered from bibliographic sources, dedicated fieldwork and information from Egyptian and foreign missions in order to present a body of material previously available only in summary online. The book provides all the information in enhanced and extended form, with descriptions of each site, noting especially changes in condition over time, previous discoveries and current fieldwork, together with key references to bibliographic or other sources. This is an essential index of the ancient settlements of the Delta, alerting archaeologists and historians to the large cities, small towns, fortress and temple sites that covered the Delta in antiquity. The volume presents the results of a research project extending over four decades on the identification, location and character of the archaeological sites of Lower Egypt. The project has been known since 1997 as the Egypt Exploration Society's Delta Survey (supported by the British Academy).

Statuary from Royal Buildings at Amarna

This first edition is a limited, collectors' edition comprising the two volumes in hardback presented in a slipcase

“In creating this magnificent publication, the authors have truly left no stone unturned.”
Prof Barry Kemp

“These volumes present for the first time the full extent of Akhenaten’s sculptural programme, much of it painstakingly reconstructed from the myriad fragments to which so many pieces of its art were later reduced.”
Prof Aidan Dodson

“Every chapter bears witness to their commitment to provide a fundamental source not only for those specializing in the Amarna Period but for everyone interested in ancient Egyptian stone statuary.”
Dr Marianne Eaton-Krauss

Thompson and Hill - Amarna Statuary (slipcase).jpg
Thompson and Hill - Amarna Statuary (cover vol 1).jpg
Thompson and Hill - Amarna Statuary (cover vol 2).jpg

Over more than a century and a quarter of excavations the royal and administrative buildings in the city of Amarna have yielded the remains of many hundreds of statues that had been part of Akhenaten's visionary plan. But fragmentation and dispersal have up until now made the results almost invisible. Only a relatively small number of the original statues have been widely known, even to experts. The present publication brings together all these traces of the city's past to reveal the abundance, beauty, variety, and novelty of the statuary and to begin the process of reintegrating it in considerations of the temples and palaces of the city. The work is presented in two parts. The first volume presents extensive observations about the creation of the statuary, comprising chapters dealing with the range of materials and the methods of working them, a detailed explication of the novel creation of composite statuary, and an overview of the workshop buildings that have been identified so far at Amarna. In the second volume, the excavated fragments themselves, most of them previously unpublished, are catalogued in a series of chapters devoted to individual royal buildings. The original statues are envisioned and analysed for their contexts, resulting in new information about these buildings, the intentions and concerns behind them, and the evolution in those intentions.

The new design and volumes coincide with a new distribution arrangement with ISD International which offers us the opportunity to make our previous and future publications available as e-books. We will also endeavour, over the coming years, to make more of our back catalogue available again through print-on-demand.