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Current issue


Monuments of Elkab: taking a closer look, W. Vivian Davis, Luigi Prada, and Susanne Woodhouse

Zawyet Sultan: the pyramid and the tomb of Khunes in context, Richard Bussmann and Gianluca Miniaci

Scented resins for scented figures, Alexis Den Doncker and Hugues Tavier

A royal ka-temple and the rise of Old Kingdom Bubastis, Eva Lange-Athinodorou and Ashraf es-Senussi

Digging Diary 2018

Buto I: the city's early history, Ulrich Hartung

Buto II: the Late Period, Pascale Ballet

Amarna in Edinburgh: excavating the archive and the museum, Daniel Potter

The lady vanishes: the case of Helen Mary Tirard, Clare Lewis

Petrie in Nuwayrat, Bart Vanthuyne


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Aidan Dodson, Cédric Gobeil, John J Johnston, Caitlin McCall, and Luigi Prada.