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Current issue


Dreams, rising stars, and falling geckos: divination in ancient Egypt, Luigi Prada

Warm hoopoe’s blood and cardamom: a Coptic medical text, Jennifer Cromwell

Kafr Hassan Dawood from the Late Period to the Late Antique, Geoffrey Tassie and Fekri A. Hassan

The trail of the sphinxes: from the Nile to the Neva, Hourig Sourouzian

Displaying social mobility during the reign of Senwosret I, Martin Bommas

Amara West: combining old and new datasets, Manuela Lehmann

Amara West: archival records and local memories, Tomomi Fushiya

Wadi el-Hudi Site 4: a lost amethyst mining settlement, Kate Liszka

A Middle Kingdom stela from a Graeco-Roman Red Sea port, Martin Hense and Steven Sidebotham

Two newly-found temple reliefs from Lisht, Mohamed Youssef Ali


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Aidan Dodson, Cédric Gobeil, John J Johnston, Caitlin McCall, Luigi Prada and Alice Stevenson.