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The JEA is a leading international journal for the publication of Egyptological research. The Journal publishes scholarly articles (main articles and brief communications), fieldwork reports, and reviews of Egyptological books. It comes out annually in the winter.

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Editorial board


Claudia Näser 
Institute of Archaeology,
University College London

Managing Editor:

Stephanie Boonstra
Egypt Exploration Society

Contact: [email protected]

Editorial Board:

Mamdouh Eldamaty, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Elizabeth Frood, University of Oxford, UK
Fredrik Hagen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Salima Ikram, American University Cairo, Egypt
Dimitri Laboury, Université Liège, Belgium
Cary Martin, University College London, UK
Rune Nyord, Emory University, USA
Ilona Regulski, Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung Berlin, Germany
Anna Stevens, Monash University, Australia

Current issue: JEA 109


Claudia Näser, Stephanie Boonstra



Three Enigmatic Scenes of Merneptah in the Court of the Seventh Pylon at Karnak
Chiara Salvador 

A Predynastic Egyptian Fish-Antelope Composite Figure
Jordan Miller

A Ptolemaic Stamped Amphora from Patara: Some Notes on Stamp Attribution and its Likely Implications
Erkan Dündar

Ḥȝyšš, the Egyptian Hippokampos – Mythical Monster or Giant Oarfish?
Victoria Altmann-Wendling

Rain Gutters in Ancient Egyptian Private Houses: Papyrological and Archaeological Evidence
Aneta Skalec

A Tail’s Tale: Narmer, the Catfish, and Bovine Symbolism
Gunnar Sperveslage, Thomas C. Heagy

The Forgotten Excavation at Tell Basta: New Information on the Graeco-Egyptian Bath and the Context of Gold and Silver Objects Discovered in 1906
Kacper Laube

Tell el-Amarna, 2022
Anna Stevens, Gretchen R. Dabbs, Fabien Balestra, Gemma Tully, Sofie Schiødt, Pamela Rose, Alan J. Clapham, Paul Docherty, Anna Garnett, Miriam Bertram

Builders Behaving Badly: The Rise and Fall of the Chief Workman Paneb (i) at Deir el-Medîna
Deborah Sweeney

The Sociology of the Tomb and Temple Robbers of the Late 20th Dynasty: Part I, Who Were the Robbers, What Did They Rob and Why?
Jean-Christophe Antoine

Cats, Commerce, and Cemeteries: The Mummified Felines of Beni Hasan
Chris Elliott

Fortresses as Ideological Images of Power
Anthony Spalinger

Quasi-Alphabetic Religious Formulas from the Karnak Cachette
David Klotz

Rock Art Surveys in the Sudanese Eastern Desert: Results of the 2018–2019 Atbai Survey Project
Julien Cooper, Dorian Vanhulle

Ein neuer Textzeuge zu einem neunköpfigen Wesen (pBM EA 10669)
Elena Mahlich, Christoffer Theis

The War Years in Thebes: Ernest Mackay’s Work in Theban Tombs
Marta Kaczanowicz

The Scribe of The Contendings between the Body and the Head (tTurin CGT 58004 – Cat. 6238): Evidence for Innovative Pedagogical Techniques from Ancient Egypt
Camilla Di Biase-Dyson

Ptah of the Place of Beauty
Ikram Ghabriel

The Seshemnofer Dilemma: Genealogy and Succession
Gemma F. P. Green

Funerary Objects and an Intact Secondary Burial in the Early Ramesside Tomb of Iurokhy at Saqqara
Khaled Hassan

Short Communications

The Fragment of a Model of a Tower House from Kom el-Gir, Central Northwestern Delta
Robert Schiestl

The Burials at Amarna Site O45.1
Paul Nicholson

Book Reviews

Flooded Pasts: UNESCO, Nubia, and the Recolonization of Archaeology
Reviewed by Nora Shalaby

Tomb N13.1 of the Nomarch Iti-ibi(-iqer) at Asyut
Reviewed by Wolfram Grajetzki

Être et paraître : Statues royales et privées de la fin du Moyen Empire et de la Deuxième Période intermédiaire (1850-1550 av. J.-C.)
Reviewed by Julien Siesse