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The JEA is a leading international journal for the publication of Egyptological research. The Journal publishes scholarly articles (main articles and brief communications), fieldwork reports, and reviews of Egyptological books. It comes out annually in the winter.

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Editorial board


Claudia Näser 
Institute of Archaeology,
University College London

Managing Editor:

Stephanie Boonstra
Egypt Exploration Society

Contact: [email protected]

Editorial Board:

Mamdouh Eldamaty, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Elizabeth Frood, University of Oxford, UK
Fredrik Hagen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Salima Ikram, American University Cairo, Egypt
Dimitri Laboury, Université Liège, Belgium
Cary Martin, University College London, UK
Rune Nyord, Emory University, USA
Ilona Regulski, Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung Berlin, Germany
Anna Stevens, Monash University, Australia

Current issue: JEA 108


Geoffrey A. T. Martin 1932-2022
Sergio Alarcón Robledo

Field Reports

Tell el-Amarna, Autumn 2020 to Autumn 2021
Anna Stevens, Gretchen R. Dabbs, Jolanda E. M. F. Bos, Amandine Mérat

First Preliminary Report on the Excavations in the Ka-Temple of Pepi I in Tell Basta/Bubastis: The Discovery of Residential Building of the Fourth and Fifth Dynasties
Eva Lange-Athinodorou, Ashraf Es-Senussi


The Book of the Dead Manuscripts of the Lady Hatnefer in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo: Two Hieratic Papyri and One Leather Roll (TR-No. 25–1–55–6)
Khaled Hassan 

Of Ink and Clay: Tattooed Mummified Human Remains and Female Figurines from Deir el-Medina
Anne Austin, Marie-Lys Arnette

The Shabtis of Tjuyu (CG 51037–51040)
Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda

Satinteti’s Offering Table: A Reused Block from Princess Watetkhethor Zeshzeshet’s Chapel in the Teti Pyramid Cemetery, Saqqara
Julia C. F. Hamilton

Potmarks as a Rationing System on Egyptian Food Producing Sites: Defining Egypt’s Proto-Bureaucracy
Sabrina R. Rampersad

Towards Sunrise: Innovations in the Representations of the Swallow in the Funerary Papyri of the Twenty-First Dynasty
Abir Enany

The Power of Convention: Reinterpreting Social Groups through a Middle Kingdom Statuette
Leire Olabarria

The Predynastic Egyptian Fibrous Ware (Second Half of the Fourth Millennium BC): A Reassessment Based on New Analysis
Jade Bajeot, Nathalie Buchez

The Throw of Isis-Aphrodite: A Rare Decorated Knucklebone from the Metropolitan Museum of New York
Ada Nifosi

‘Mark them with my Mark’: Human Branding in Egypt
Ella Karev

Un exemplaire inédit de menotte conservé au Musée de Berlin (ÄM 15130)
Marta Valerio

The Sartorial Choices of Sobekneferu: Louvre Statue E 27135
Kelly Anne Diamond

J. E. Quibell’s 1894–95 Ballas Excavation: Interim Report on the Second–Fourth Dynasty Cemeteries
Bart Vanthuyne

Jewellery Workshops on Elephantine
Peter Kopp

P. Cairo GEM 66797: An Early Demotic Contract from Illahun
Hasnaa Abd-Ellatif, Maher Eissa, Mahmoud Ali, Ibrahim El-Rifai

Four Coptic-Greek Funerary Stelae in the British Museum
Adrienn Almásy-Martin

A Note on Modern (Fake) Shabtis as Tourist Art
Daniel M. Potter

A Lintel Fragment from the Meniset Temple of Amenhotep I and Ahmose Nefertari at Thebes
Carl Walsh

Book Reviews

Life Histories of Theban Tombs: Transdisciplinary Investigations of a Cluster of Rock-cut Tombs at Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Qurna
Reviewed by Tamás A. Bács 

Stelae of the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period. Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Reviewed by Ronald J. Leprohon

Ancient Egyptian Phonology
Reviewed by Matthias Müller