Scholars and skill development: who, when, and why?

Over recent years, we have increasingly turned our attention to the next generation of scholars and the future of Egypt's unique heritage.Read more

Inspiring scholars of the future

This year we were delighted to support the third annual ‘Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia at University' conference at the Royal Asiatic Society and British Museum.Read more

Statement on the proposed restructure of UCL Museums

The following is a statement by the Society's Chair, Dr Margaret Mountford, and Dr Alice Stevenson, UCL, about the restructure proposed by UCL Culture.Read more

Egyptian Archaeology 52

The spring issue 2018 of Egyptian Archaeology is out, with news from the field, all the way from Abusir in the north to Shalfak in the south.Read more

A new deal for EES books

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with publishers I.B. Tauris, who will become our official book distributor, alongside ISD who will continue to serve the North American market.Read more

New grants awarded for 2018

Fieldwork and Research Grants and Centenary Awards 2018Read more

Local Ambassador Programme

In January 2018 we initiated a new scheme to engage our most enthusiastic supporters - read more here!Read more

2018 Trustee nominations

Would you like to become a trustee of the EES? Or do you know someone who you think would be a useful addition to the Board?Read more

English Language Courses 2018

EES / British Council English Language Courses 2018Read more

2018 Changes for library users

Changes announced for library use from 1st April 2018.Read more

BEC4 - Call for papers

The Fourth British Egyptology Congress will be held on 7th-9th September 2018: Call for papersRead more

Egyptian Archaeology 51

The autumn issue 2017 of Egyptian Archaeology is finally out, bringing you a big chunk of reports from the field and the archive alike.Read more