Amelia Edwards: Writer. Adventurer. Explorer.

This International Women's Day, Fern Riddell celebrates the role of women in Egyptology by taking a look at the fascinating life of Miss Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards, co-founder of the EES and driving force during its early years Read more

Buhen: A site submerged

The massive Middle Kingdom fortress of Buhen was excavated by the EES from 1957-64. By Carl Graves Read more

Hilary Waddington: Lights, camera, action

Experience and practicalities of excavating at Tell el-Amarna between the wars with Society volunteer, Susan Biddle Read more

The multi-talented Mrs McClure

Volunteer Dr Brigitte Balanda explores the history of a family of early Fund supporters Read more

Artwork and Egyptian Archaeology

Explore our watercolour collections. By archive intern Urška Furlan Read more

A Society of its time: SPMAE

The Society for the Preservation of the Monuments of Ancient Egypt. By Carl Graves Read more

The Egypt Exploration Society and the Bristol Museum

Archive volunteer Alix Robinson has been tracing object distribution from sites in Egypt to museums in the UK as part of the Artefacts of Excavation project - read more here. Read more

Rediscovering Pendlebury's 'Crock of Gold'

Retracing the excavators in the Amarna archives. By Katherine Piper Read more

Ricardo A. Caminos: 'A very private person'

Archive intern Maria Rodriguez Rubin explores the friends and career of Ricardo Augusto Caminos Read more