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Subject matter

Recent and current projects of Egyptologists and archaeologists working in the field, in museums and archives, within a date range from the prehistoric to the medieval period.

Style and language

EA is a ‘popular’ magazine. Contributors can assume a solid general knowledge of the subject among our readers, but our aim is not to publish to academic standard. Your guiding principle should be to tell a story: Why is this find interesting? What is the aim of my research? What is new or unusual about it? Therefore:

  • contextualise research and findings. This will help non‐expert readers to get the most from reading your article

  • use non-technical language (no diacritical marks, except for accents in modern European languages; no transliterations; hieroglyphs only where absolutely necessary)

  • leave out bibliographical references and footnotes

Only articles in English will be considered.


Word document. No more than 2500 words. We reserve the right to edit articles to fit limited space. Please provide short end credits containing the author’s present position and include essential acknowledgements for academic, financial or practical help. State clearly any photographic credits. Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions.


Images are a great way to tell your story and to make for an eye-catching article, and we strongly encourage you to provide illustrations (and suitable captions). While the number we can publish is limited, we appreciate a choice of about 10 to 12 images. We accept all common formats such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF. Please ensure high enough resolution: at least 300 dpi at print size, ideally higher to allow for enlargement. Images can be sent by e‐mail or uploaded to a hosting site. Please note that we can no longer work with CD-ROMs.


Time to press permitting, we will aim to send a PDF proof for your approval and corrections.

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We do not provide printed complimentary copies, but you will receive a PDF of the complete issue and a separate PDF of your article. Authors can purchase up to 10 hard copies at half price through our webshop. Authors may post their PDFs online on academic websites, such as and/or the websites of authors’ institutions, six months after publication.