21 Nov 2023

Welcome to the new EES website!

We relaunched www.ees.ac.uk on the 21 November 2023

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Egypt Exploration Society website - a project a year in the making!

We've been listening to your feedback about enhancing our online offering for our ever-growing international audience. Therefore, Charlotte Jordan (EES Engagement Manager), together with Pixl8, embarked on this journey to create an easy-to-use online platform that will help us promote Egyptian cultural heritage as well as provide specialised content for EES members!

To get the best experience, you should log in and set your contact preferences and personalisation settings. If you're already an EES member or follower, you can reset your password by selecting ‘Forgot password?’. If you're new to the EES, then you should register an account (don't worry, there are instructions on the login page). You can also check the 'Remember me' option so you don't have to log in every time you visit us!

Highlights not to be missed

Here is a selection of new features on the website that should help to improve your experience of exploring Egyptian cultural heritage with us. 

Topics of interest

You can now tell us what interests you most about Egyptian cultural heritage! You will be able to select your preferred options after you first log in to the website. Otherwise, you can update your profile and select the personalisation tab to edit your topics anytime. We will use this information to highlight what interests you most, both on our website and in future emails we send via our newsletter. 

23 11 21 Website_Topics of interest.png

Reorganised resources

Some of the website pages will look a little different as they are now organised as resources. This means that news pieces, digital resources, collection highlights, and research projects can be filtered using several options - including the topics of interest you set on your profile. If you want to search through everything available on our website more directly, well, now you can! 

You can now search our website resources using different filters, in order to focus your search for information!

Search our resources

Member homepage

The most significant change is the exclusive zone for members. When logged in, click on your account dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen to access the member homepage. This is your new hub for EES information, including details of your subscription and content only available to our loyal supporters. For example, EES members can now read the past two years' worth of Egyptian Archaeology magazines online! We will continue to add future issues to this website for digital access on publication. 

Speaking of membership, if you are not yet a member, then join our community passionate about Egyptian cultural heritage in just a few easy steps!

Become a member

Your subscription includes a donation to help us continue our charitable mission to support and promote Egyptian cultural heritage including archaeological research as well as work in our collections, education and training activities, and the production of our publications.

Join now

We hope that you enjoy the new design and features and that they encourage you to discover more about Egyptian cultural heritage online. Remember, if you want to refer back to anything on our previous site, everything is archived on the Wayback Machine. If you spot anything that needs fixing or want to share what you like about the new website, then please leave us feedback.

We appreciate your support on this exciting journey to transform our online platforms!

We have also amended our policies alongside this relaunch, so please review them to stay informed about how your data is managed and the terms and conditions of this website. 

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