22 Jul 2022

Training the next generation of Archaeologists in Egypt

A report on the fifth Egyptian Archaeology Skills School, 11th-15th July 2022

From 11th-15th July 2022, the Egypt Exploration Society delivered the fifth Egyptian Archaeology Skills School, after a two-year delay because of the global pandemic, to seven early career scholars. The School covered several essential topics within Egyptian archaeology, including survey, Geographic Information System (GIS), excavation techniques and recording, pottery drawing and recording, and cultural heritage management.


Dr Manuela Lehmann demonstrating how to set out an archaeological excavation at The Walks at Gray's Inn. Thank you to the team at Gray's Inn for allowing our 'parkeology' afternoon.

The School syllabus consisted of a balance between theoretical training and practical exercises delivered by our specialist tutors: Carl Graves (EES Director), Penenlope Wilson (Durham University / EES Delta Survey), Liz Jones (University College London), Hannah Pethen (University of Liverpool), Manuela Lehman (Independent Researcher), Sarah Doherty, Loretta Kilroe (British Museum) and Sara Perry (Museum of London Archaeology).


Dr Sara Perry discussing how to create an engaging caption for an everyday mug with Andrés Martín García de la Cruz and Pablo Barba.

Overall feedback from the School indicated that the attendees felt that their knowledge, skills and confidence in Egyptian archaeology increased over the course of the week. One participant commented that “this week has been so instructive in a variety of topics that are used in Egyptian archaeology!” In particular, the cohort reported an average of over 100% improvement in their skills, knowledge and confidence in GIS. Many have asked for further courses on specific subjects such as small find drawing and intermediate GIS, which we will look into providing over the following months.


Dr Hannah Pethen teaching the scholars the basics of QGIS, a Geographic Information System (GIS).

The Egyptian Archaeology Skills School is only possible thanks to the generous support of our international membership and your donations to support our work to provide education and training through a series of skill building activities for the next generation of scholars. Please consider supporting our cause today by joining our community or making a donation.


The seven early career scholars attending the 2022 Egyptian Archaeology Skills School:

Andrés Martín García de la Cruz (Leiden University)
Nieves Garcia Centeno (University de Alcalá)
Olga Nikonenko (University of Cambridge)
Pablo Barba (University College London)
Sara Aly (University of Manchester)
Vanessa Foott (University of Manchester)
Victoria Jensen (University of California, Berkeley)