27 Apr 2020

The Step Pyramid Complex of King Djoser, Saqqara

Explore some of Egypt's most unique heritage sites from the comfort of your home.

Built more than 4500 years ago, the Step Pyramid is the earliest monumental stone structure on the planet and Egypt’s first pyramid. The building is made up of six mastabas (a low rectangular mass of brick or stone) built on top of one another. This virtual tour takes you through the mortuary precinct including entrance colonnade and subterranean substructure only recently opened to the public. This sacred burial site is arguably one of Egypt’s most spectacular and evocative structures and was designed for the ruler Netjerikhet (known usually as Djoser) by his architect Imhotep.

For the first time, prehistoric perishable structures were recreated in stone, look at the columns and walls to see how natural building materials inspired the design of this structure.

Entrance colonnade

Southern entrance

Burial chamber of Netjerikhet (Djoser)

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