16 Jan 2023

The latest results in Egyptology

Volume 108 of the JEA is now arriving with subscribers

The latest research in the field of Egyptology is now arriving at the homes of subscribers around the world. Volume 108 of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology includes an update on the latest excavations at Amarna by Anna Stevens and her team, an investigation of the tattooed mummified human remains from Deir el-Medina by Anne Austin and Marie-Lys Arnette, the reassessment of J. E. Quibbell's 1894-95 Ballas excavation by Bart Vanthuyne, and an article on the Jewellery Workshops on Elephantine by Peter Kopp.

JEA 108 opens with a tribute to Geoffrey Martin, who sadly passed away last year. This memorial note was written by PhD student Sergio Alarcón Robledo who has worked closely on Saqqara material with Geoffrey in recent years.


Leire Olabarria explores family groups in statuettes such as this one (AN1913.411 (c) Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford) in the latest issue of the JEA.

Also in this issue is another article prepared in tandem with the JEA’s MESA scheme; again, a big thank you to the generous support of the EES Patrons for the funding and implementation of this valuable mentorship programme.

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