02 Aug 2018

New: Excavation Memoir 110 - The Anubieion at Saqqara IV

Continuing our series of fieldwork publications from the Anubieion at North Saqqara.

5F3B-GetImage.jpg Peter French and Janine Bourriau continue the series on the ceramics from the Egypt Exploration Society’s excavations in the Anubieion and the Sacred Animal Necropolis at Saqqara.

The previous volume (Anubieion III, 2013) showed how the site was used for burials of royalty and high officials from the Archaic Period until the end of the New Kingdom. The present one covers the succeeding Late Dynastic Period: from at least the mid-sixth century onwards, burials appear to have been made in the earlier shaft tombs as well as in a new cemetery in the sand. A temple to Anubis, god of the dead, was commenced at the same time, abandoned during the Persian Period but restarted around 400 BC.

Ceramics found here include bowls used by the embalmers as well as offering vessels and the repertoire of the fourth century builders. Unpublished contemporary ceramics from the nearby Sacred Animal Necropolis elucidate and supplement the Anubieion record.

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