26 Feb 2018

English Language Courses 2018

EES / British Council English Language Courses 2018


2017 English language training students in the EES Cairo Office in the British Council

As advertised in November 2017, the Egypt Exploration Society is delighted to provide the following Egyptian archaeologists and Egyptologists with English language training thanks to the generosity of the British Council, Egypt.

Ahmed Mounir, Ministry of Antiquities 

Amany Korany Sayed Abdel-Naby, Curator at Museums Sector (Ministry of Antiquities)

Asmaa Sayed Ali Morsy Elsayegh, Children?s Civilization and Creativity Centre 

Aya Ismail Elsayed Mohamed, Sohag area inspectorat (Ministry of Antiquities)

Lamiaa Adel Ezzat

Osama Basiony Eldamnhoury, Ministry of Antiquities 

Rasha Ahmed Mohamed, Ministry of Antiquities 

Shimaa Zoheer Mosa Mahmoud Eid, Ministry of Antiquities 

Yasser Farouk Hussein, Ministry of Antiquities 

Mohamed Abd el-Badia, Ministry of Antiquities 

We wish they all the best in the course which will begin in March 2018. They were chosen from over 180 applicants which we received for just 10 places on offer. Education and training is an essential part of what we continue to offer in Egypt and these figures continue to demonstrate the level of demand for these activities. If you would like to support further education and training for Egyptian archaeologists then consider donating towards our work or joining as a member here.


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