10 Aug 2020

EES Heritage at Risk Grant Appeal

COVID-19 has decimated tourism in Egypt

Millions of Egyptian people depend on tourism for survival

At times like this heritage is dangerously at risk

Projects on the ground need your help now

A little money can go a long way toward protecting heritage and supporting those working with it

Please donate to our grant programme now

As the world recovers from the loss and disruption caused by Coronavirus we face a stark economic future. Previous experience has shown that during times of economic recovery, heritage is more at risk from damage, looting, and irreplaceable loss. Egyptian heritage will doubly suffer from a devastating drop in tourism.

In order to continue supporting and promoting Egypt’s cultural heritage, the Egypt Exploration Society will offer a Heritage at Risk Grant to distribute emergency funds where they are most needed – where demonstrable loss and damage to heritage is happening.

£10,000 is a modest sum considering the quantity of risk that could become apparent, but by working closely with local Egyptian teams and initiatives on the ground we expect that grants of up to £1000 can provide the necessary resources to mitigate loss, install security, or record heritage and create a lasting record for future generations before it is potentially lost forever. This fund can be used to support projects focusing on tangible and/or intangible heritage and local community involvement is encouraged.

Your gifts in action:

  • A contribution of just £50 could provide essential recording equipment,
  • and £100 could facilitate a community gathering to discuss their local heritage and its preservation,
  • a kind donation of £150 could pay the fees of an inspector for a whole month,
  • a generous gift of £1000 could fund an entire project and create a lasting record for future generations.

All funds raised in this appeal will be held in the Society’s restricted Research Fund which is dedicated to supporting projects in Egypt, Sudan, and worldwide collections and will provide further grants for research in the future.  

How can I help?

You can support this appeal in so many ways:

  • Share this appeal with your social media networks
  • Donate online using the link below
  • Send a cheque to our London Office
  • Call us to donate by phone (020 7242 1880)

If you’re based in the US, then you can now make donations and receive a US income tax deduction. Read more about supporting our work in the US here. Send a check to the BSUF and make sure to tick ‘Research Fund’ on your Donor Transmittal Form