31 Jan 2024

Discoveries of the Egypt Exploration Society

A walking trail of 12 masterpieces from ancient Egypt in the Egyptian Museum Cairo

Banner: Statue of Senwosret III (TR 4/18/22/4) in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

TA.NEG.26-27.072_shrine of Panehsy.png

The shrine of Panehsy after discovery at Amarna and before reconstruction (EES.TA.NEG.26-27.072).

Egyptian Museum in Cairo EMC_Lintel of Hatiay_Gareth Bailey.jpg

Shaimaao Magdi Eid Youssef (the panel contributor) introducing the shrine of Panehsy (JE 65041) to HE the British Ambassador Gareth Bayley at the walking trail launch event in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. 

The Egypt Exploration Society was founded in 1882 by the British novelist Amelia B Edwards (1831–1892) who visited Egypt in 1873 and became determined to support the preservation of Egyptian cultural heritage. Since its founding, the Society has surveyed, excavated, and recorded over 150 sites and monuments across the northern Nile Valley resulting in the discovery of hundreds of thousands of artefacts. The majority of these discoveries are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

EES.DB.NEG.09.416b_Hathor shrine.jpg

Archival photograph of the discovery of the shrine of the goddess Hathor at Deir el-Bahari (EES.DB.NEG.04.37b).

Egyptian Museum in Cairo EMC_Hathor Shrine.jpg

Yasser Abdelrady (the panel contributor) presenting the shrine of the goddess Hathor (JE 38575) to EES Director Dr Carl Graves, Museum Director Dr Ali Abdelhalim and guests at the walking trail launch event in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Explore the museum to find 12 of these fascinating discoveries, that span more than 3000 years of Egypt’s history and learn about their unique discoveries.

Read more about the artefacts here.

Ground floor:
  • Stela of Queen Meretneith
  • Statuette of King Khufu
  • Statue of King Senwosret III
  • Shrine of the goddess Hathor
  • Amulet of a Hittite Deity
  • Unfinished head of Queen Nefertiti
  • Shrine of Panehsy
  • Lintel of Hatiay
  • Bucchis Bull Stele of Ptolemy V
Egyptian Museum in Cairo EMC_Nefertiti and panel.jpg

The unfinished head of Nefertiti (JE 59286) with the walking trail panel in the background in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. 

AB-II.NEG.192_Khufu statuette.jpg

 Archive photograph of the statuette of King Khufu (EES.AB-II.NEG.192). 

Upper floor:
  • Statue of a recumbent cow
  • Isis lactans figurine
  • Papyrus contract of the Apion family

Recumbent Apis bull or calf figure in the storeroom at Saqqara after discovery (EES.SAQ-SAN.SLI.VO.005).

Egyptian Museum in Cairo EMC_Isis lactans.jpg

EES Director Dr Carl Graves looking at the Isis lactans figurine (JE 91327) and walking trail panel in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. 

This walking trail exhibition was organised by Dr Stephanie Boonstra with contributions by scholars participating in the EES Egyptological Archives Skills School (EASS 2022).

Contributions by:

  • Stephanie Boonstra, the Egypt Exploration Society
  • Carl Graves, the Egypt Exploration Society
  • Amany Abd el-Hameed, Helwan University
  • Ahmed Mansour, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Marwa Mahmoud, Egyptian Museum Cairo
  • Mostafa Tolba, German Archaeological Institute in Cairo
  • Noha Mahran, Netherlands-Flemish Institute
  • Noura Seada, 6th October University
  • Shahira Hassan, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
  • Shaimaa Magdi Eid Youssef, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
  • Yasser Abdelrady, Nubia Museum
  • Zeinab Mohamed, Grand Egyptian Museum
Archives, engagement, and education

The above contributors at the Egyptological Archives Skills School (2022)

Edited by Heba Sami, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
Translations facilitated by Essam Nagy, the Egypt Exploration Society
Designed by Charlotte Jordan, the Egypt Exploration Society

Egyptian Museum in Cairo EMC_Staff, scholars and guests at walking trail launch.png

EES Staff members, contributors and guests of the walking trail launch event in front of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. 

Egyptian Museum in Cairo EMC_Walking Trail Banners.jpg

 Façade of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo at the time of the walking trail display.

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