Egyptian Archaeology 59

Recent research and fieldwork, autumn 2021.
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Egyptian Archaeology is the EES full-colour magazine, reporting on current excavations, surveys and research in Egypt and Sudan, showcasing the work of the EES as well as of other missions and researchers.

Autumn 2021


Discovery of the Lost Golden City, Zahi Hawass

The Archaeological site of Damboya, Marc Maillot

Mastaba Tombs at Tell Tebilla, Ayman Wahby

Resurrection in Panopolis, Wahid Omran, Ashraf Okasha and Abdullah Abu-Gebel

Kôm el-Khilgan: A 4,000 Year History, Elsayed F. Eltalhawy

Digging Diary 2021, Archaeological work undertaken in Egypt and Sudan since Spring

From in situ to the Grand Egyptian Museum, Ahmed Nakshara

A Colossal Portrait of Amenhotep III, Hourig Sourouzian

Governor Baqet II at Beni Hassan, Naguib Kanawati, Eman Khalifa and Martin Bommas

Tomb of Khuwy at Djedkare’s Royal Cemetery, Mohamed Megahed


Anna Stevens, Amarna: A Guide to the Ancient City of Akhetaten
Eleanor Dobson, Writing the Sphinx: Literature, Culture and Egyptology
Kathlyn M. Cooney, Coffin Commerce

Puzzle Page, Wordsearch and “Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage” Project Comic