Egyptian Archaeology 58

Recent research and fieldwork, spring 2021.
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Egyptian Archaeology is the EES full-colour magazine, reporting on current excavations, surveys and research in Egypt and Sudan, showcasing the work of the EES as well as of other missions and researchers.

Spring 2021


Repositioning EA: guest editorial, Heba Abd el-Gawad, Anna Garnett and Campbell Price

Who owns ancient Egypt? Heba Abd el-Gawad and Alice Stevenson

A brewery, a cemetery and monumental walls, Aiman Ashmawy, Simon Connor and Dietrich Raue

Tell Basta before the Old Kingdom, Aiman Ashmawy

Nasser, Heba & our dispersed heritage, Nasser Junior

Worshipping Amun in Nubia, Kathryn Howley

Innovative Kushite kings, Martin Bommas

KV 11 revisited, Willem Hovestreydt, Lea Rees and Anke Weber


Obituary: George Hart (1945–2021)