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Dr Claudia Näser 
Institute of Archaeology,
University College London

Managing Editor:

Dr Stephanie Boonstra
Egypt Exploration Society

Editorial advisers:

Prof Kathryn A Bard, Boston
Prof Katja Goebs, Toronto
Dr Cary Martin, London 
Prof Olivier Perdu, Paris
Prof Dr Tarek Said Tawfik, Cairo
Prof Willeke Wendrich, Los Angeles

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Current issue: JEA 107



The Letter to Nebetitef on Her First Intermediate Period Stela in the Michael C. Carlos Museum
Rune Nyord

The Shabtis of the God’s Father, Yuya 
Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda

A Painter’s Version: Amenhotep, Son of Amunnakhte and Pictorial Tradition 
Tamas A. Bacs

The Palermo Stone and Its Associated Fragments: New Discoveries on the Oldest Royal Annals of Ancient Egypt
Massimiliano Nuzzolo

Third Report on the Publication and Conservation of the Tomb of Ramesses III in the Valley of the Kings (KV 11)
Anke Weber, Willem Hovestreydt, and Lea Rees

The Twenty-Fifth Dynasty Theban Mortuary Temple of the Vizier Nebneteru, Reused by Khonsuirdis and Others
Kathryn Howley and Pearce Paul Creasman

The Characterization of Some Ancient Egyptian Funerary Linens from the Twenty-First Dynasty Discovered in the Bab El-Gasus Excavation
Hanaa A. Al-Gaoudi and Nermin M. Aly

The Hatnub Quarries Industrial Landscape Survey 2017: Mobile-GIS Ground-truthing of the Satellite Remote-survey
Hannah Pethen

Three Papyrus Sheaths of Priestesses of Amun 
Abir Enany

Mortuary Consumption and the Social Function of Stone Vessels in Early Dynastic Egypt 
Keita Takenouchi

Transformation of a Sacred Landscape: Veneration of Amun-Re in Graffiti in the Valley of the Kings
Muhammad R. Ragab

A New Interpretation of the Early Dynastic so-called ‘Year’ Labels. ‘Balm Labels’ and the Preservation of the Memory of the King
Wantje Fritschy

New Insights into Papyrus Millingen and the Reception History of The Teaching of Amenemhat 
Margaret Geoga

A New Demotic Horoscope from Medinet Habu 
Eid Nagy Eid Abbas

The Statue of a Sistrum-Player in Montrose and Her Position in an Early Ptolemaic Theban Priestly Family
Daniel M Potter

A New Interpretation of the Grid System Reform in the Late Period 
Yoshifumi Yasuoka

Layer by Layer: The Manufacture of Graeco-Roman Funerary Masks 
Marie Vandenbeusch, Daniel O’Flynn, and Benjamin Moreno

Book Reviews

The Nile and Ancient Egypt. Changing Land- and Waterscapes, from the Neolithic to the Roman Era
Reviewed by Robert Schiestl

The Ornamental Calcite Vessels from the Tomb of Tutankhamun 
Reviewed by Campbell Price

Himmlisch! Die Eisenobjekte aus dem Grab des Tutanchamun 
Reviewed by Martin Odler

Ancient Egyptian Imperialism
Reviewed by Roxana Flammini