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Dr Claudia Näser 
Institute of Archaeology,
University College London

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Stephanie Boonstra
Egypt Exploration Society

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Prof Kathryn A Bard, Boston
Prof Katja Goebs, Toronto
Dr Cary Martin, London 
Prof Olivier Perdu, Paris
Prof Dr Tarek Said Tawfik, Cairo
Prof Willeke Wendrich, Los Angeles

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Current issue: JEA 104.2



Tell el-Amarna, Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018
Anna Stevens, Gretchen R. Dabbs, Corina Rogge, Pamela Rose, Amandine Mérat, Jolanda Bos, Jacquelyn Williamson, Anna Garnett, Lucy Skinner, Julie Dawson, Anders Bettum, Alan Clapham and Gemma Tully

A Fragment of an Early Book of Two Ways on the Coffin of Ankh from Dayr al-Barsha– (B4B) 
Harco Willems

The pr-HD and the Early Dynastic State 
Wantje Fritschy

Evidence of an Ancient Archive? The Papyrus British Museum EA 9961 
Marie Vandenbeusch

Changes in Urban and Sacred Landscapes of Memphis in the Third to the Fourth Centuries ad and the Eclipse of the Divine Apis Bulls
Nenad Markovic´

The Archaeology of Punt 
Rodolfo Fattovich

A Rare Example of Leather from Ancient Egypt 
Mary Ann Marazzi

Un fragment de stèle inédit de Dendara 
Jérémie Florès

A New Statue of Senenmut Identified in Manchester 
Campbell Price

The Late Period Stela of the God’s Father Horenpe from the Manchester Museum 
Nicky Nielsen

Book Reviews

Diener für die Ewigkeit: Die Uschebti-Sammlung im Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim
Reviewed by Aidan Dodson

The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, LXXXI (Nos 5258–5289) 
Reviewed by Francisca A. J. Hoogendijk

The Survey of Memphis, IX: Kom Rabi’a: The Objects from the Late Middle Kingdom Installations (Levels VI–VIII)
Reviewed by Bettina Bader