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Institute of Archaeology,
University College London

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Stephanie Boonstra
Egypt Exploration Society

Editorial advisers:

Prof Kathryn A Bard, Boston
Prof Katja Goebs, Toronto
Dr Cary Martin, London 
Prof Olivier Perdu, Paris
Prof Dr Tarek Said Tawfik, Cairo
Prof Willeke Wendrich, Los Angeles

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Current issue: JEA 105.1



Preliminary Report on the Work Undertaken in the Main City South at Tell el-Amarna: 7 October – 2 November 2017
Anna Hodgkinson

A Votive Isis-Throne for Minmose (Ashmolean Museum AN 1888.561)?
Elizabeth Frood and Christelle Alvarez

An Early Dynastic Crucible from the Settlement of Elkab (Upper Egypt)
Wouter Claes, Christopher J. Davey and Stan Hendrickx

The Co-Regency of Thutmose III and Amenhotep II Revisited
Filip Taterka

The Typology of Settlements in Ramesside Middle Egypt. An Analysis of the Wilbour Papyrus
Jean-Christophe Antoine

The Cultural Indexicality of the N41 Sign for bjA: The Metal of the Sky and the Sky of Metal
Victoria Almansa-Villatoro

Social Network Analysis in Egyptology: Benefits, Methods and limits
Vincent Chollier

At the Hands of Senwosret III? The Iconography and Style of the Reworked Colossi Cairo JE 45975 and JE 45976
Daniel Soliman

Passing from the Middle to the New Kingdom: A Senet Board in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Walter Crist

Environmental Conditions in TT 209, Luxor. The Case of a Theban Tomb Subject to Periodic Flooding
Miguel Ángel Molinero Polo and Vicente Soler Javaloyes

The Teaching of Khety Twice – A New Reading of oBM EA 65597 as a School Exercise
Judith Jurjens

New Insights into the Step Pyramid Complex: Klasens’ Unpublished Seal Impression Drawings
Tatjana Beuthe

‘But He Has Broken Every Jar in the Place, as He Said He Would …’: Letters of Petrie to von Bissing: A Short Contribution to the history of Egyptology
Willem van Haarlem

Book Reviews

“Der Löwe auf dem Schlachtfeld”. Das Grab KV 36 und die Bestattung des Maiherperi im Tal der Könige
Reviewed by Wolfram Grajetzki

The Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXXXII (Nos 5290–5343)
Reviewed by Francisca A. J. Hoogendijk