The Graeco-Roman Memoirs (GRM) are mostly concerned with the publication of the Greek papyri found by Grenfell and Hunt at Oxyrhynchus, but also cover other papyri and Graeco-Roman material held by the Society.

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Current volumes:

Graeco-Roman Memoir 103 (Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXXXII)

Edited with translations and notes by N. Gonis, F. Maltomini, W. B. Henry and S. Slattery.

The core of this volume is the biggest concentration of magical papyri published in some 25 years, giving a fascinating insight into approaches to averting and treating illnesses, and attracting a partner. Further material contains theological texts (Philo), extant classical texts (Menander, Theocritus, Euclid, Polybius, Plutarch), and a new classical text (Sophokles).

Graeco-Roman Memoirs / Supplemental Vol. 1: The Undertakers of the Great Oasis (P. Nekr.)

Edited by Roger S. Bagnall

The volume presents a group of papyri, discovered in the 1890s and partially published by Grenfell and Hunt in 1897 (P. Grenf. II). They come from the Khargha Oasis and date to the period 237 to 314. Many of them relate to a family of 'nekrotaphoi' - 'undertakers', an activity which also included responsibility for the mummification process (rather than just grave-digging). The texts contain petitions, letters and private legal instruments (such as loans, mandates, deeds of gift or sales).

Hardcover, 148 pages, 14 b/w plates

Available to EES Members at a special discount of 20%.

Editorial Committee

The EES appoints a Management Committee to oversee the Papyri collection and its publication. The current chairman of the committee is Professor D W Rathbone, King's College London. The basic work of organising the publication of the papyri is undertaken by a group of General Editors, at present Professor P J Parsons (Oxford), Professor N Gonis (University College London) and Dr A Benaïssa (Oxford). They are appointed by the Management Committee and are jointly responsible to it for the assignment of papyri and the preparation of texts for publication in the annual volume of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, a part of the Society's Graeco-Roman Memoirs series. They draw on the regular assistance of the Advisory Editors, currently Professors A K Bowman, G B D’Alessio and J D Thomas, and also contributions by many other papyrologists in the UK and abroad.