The Graeco-Roman Memoirs (GRM) are mostly concerned with the publication of the Greek papyri found by Grenfell and Hunt at Oxyrhynchus, but also cover other papyri and Graeco-Roman material held by the Society.

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Current volume

Graeco-Roman Memoir 107 (Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXXXVI)
edited by Amin Benaïssa and Michael Zellmann-Rohrer

This volume contains editions of texts, theological, literary, subliterary, and documentary. The theological section includes large fragments of the First Apocalypse of James (5533), an early Christian narrative of conversations between Jesus and his brother, James. The Greek text is otherwise lost and scholars have depended on two often conflicting Coptic versions. The first of seven magical papyri is a second-century exorcism manual (5542), and a series of potted lives of the Successors of Alexander the Great illuminates the history of ancient life-writing before Plutarch (5535). A fragment of commentary on Aristophanes (5536) and five grammatical texts (5537-41) complete Section II. Section III provides a mass of new evidence concerning slavery in the Roman world. The photographs show all the new theological, literary, and subliterary texts, and eleven of the documents.

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Editorial Committee

The EES appoints a Management Committee to oversee the Papyri collection and its publication. The current chairman of the committee is Professor Dominic Rathbone, King's College London. The basic work of organising the publication of the papyri is undertaken by a group of General Editors, at present Professor Nikolaos Gonis (University College London) and Dr Amin Benaïssa (University of Oxford). They are appointed by the Management Committee and are jointly responsible to it for the assignment of papyri and the preparation of texts for publication in the annual volume of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, a part of the Society's Graeco-Roman Memoirs series. They draw on the regular assistance of the Advisory Editors, currently Professors Alan Bowman (University of Oxford), Giambattista D’Alessio (Naples 'Federico II'), and Dr Lucia Prauscello (University of Oxford), and also contributions by many other papyrologists in the UK and abroad.