Secrets of the Stones

Current Epigraphic Surveys and Excavations at Thebes and Antinoupolis. A joint MAES / KNH Centre Study Day to be held at the University of Manchester.Read more

Aswan to Alexandria

Travel and Exploration in Egypt from Antiquity to the Modern Day, the West Midlands Egyptology Society (WMES) conference.Read more

The Abusir Papyrus Archives

The Abusir Papyrus Archives as a source of information on royal funerary cults. A lecture by Assoc. Prof Hana Vymazalová, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University, Prague Read more

Egypt’s Shifting Capital

Explore the urban development of Egypt from the Late Predynastic Period through to Medieval Islamic Cairo. Book your ticket to our annual study day followed by our AGM here. Read more

Archives of Archaeology: Abydos and Armant

This temporary exhibition displays a selection of prints taken from the collections that will be rehoused as part of the ongoing 2018 Archive Appeal.Read more

Museum Exhibitions II

This course covers the basics of creating and managing exhibitions of Egyptian artefacts and forms part of our ongoing museum studies programme.Read more