Sounds of Roman Egypt

A free exhibition exploring the objects people used to make music, what they sounded like, and how instruments were used in Romano-Egyptian rituals, homes, and childhood experience.Read more

The Noble Family at Meir in the Old and Middle Kingdoms

A lecture by Prof Naguib Kanawati (Macquarie University, Australia) about his work in the cemetery of Meir. Read more

Museum Collections Management

This course covers management of museum collections and curating as part of our ongoing museum studies programme. Read more

Of Masks and Mummies

The Saqqara Saite Tombs Project, a lecture by Dr Ramadan B Hussein (Univeristät Tübingen). Read more

The Two Brothers: Kinship in Ancient Egypt

Presented by the Manchester Museum in association with the KNH CentreRead more


This course will introduce participants to the ancient Egyptian Amduat with tutor, Huub Pragt. Read more