Of all the wonders of Egypt, few could have been grander than the city of Al-Qata'i founded by Ibn Tulun in 870 CE. Established in the model of the great Abbasid city of Samarra in Iraq, the new Amir of Egypt sought to emulate his caliphs while also setting Egypt up as the capital of his new dynasty - the Tulunids. At the centre of this new metropolis was the ruler's famous mosque, the only part of Al-Qata'i still standing today (or so people will tell you). This presentation will briefly introduce this short-lived dynasty and the capital they founded - a precursor to the modern metropolis of Cairo.

24 04 02 Graves_Egypt's forgotten wonder: The lost city of Ibn Tulun_mosque_courtyard

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24 04 02 Graves_Egypt's forgotten wonder: The lost city of Ibn Tulun_mosque_minaret
Dr Carl Graves

Dr Carl Graves

Director, The Egypt Exploration Society

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