03 Jul 2023

The Mews-eum

A history of 4 Doughty Mews

Since 1968, Doughty Mews has been the home of British Egyptology when the Egypt Exploration Society relocated there from Hinde Mews in Marylebone where we rented space from the Palestine Exploration Fund. Over the past 55 years, the EES has welcomed international scholars to its unique collections held in Doughty Mews and engaged thousands around the world in events hosted from our humble Mews buildings.

But the Mews has its own story to tell…


The EES has been based in Doughty Mews since 1968 and is an important part of the local landscape today.

Opening on Monday 10th July 2023, ‘The Mews-eum’ tells the story of 4 Doughty Mews from humble stables to a quiet residential oasis, and now as a centre for exploring the cultural heritage of Egypt! After its beginnings on the banks of the River Fleet, the Doughty Mews area was completely redeveloped during the early nineteenth century including affluent homes and associated buildings to store carriages and horses. Notable local characters included Charles Dickens (Doughty Street), Amelia Edwards (Wharton Street, Clerkenwell), Edward Burne-Jones (Red Lion Square), and even Agatha Christie – all with their own interesting connections to the history of the Egypt Exploration Society too!

Our display focuses on the home of Argentinian Egyptologist, Ricardo Augusto Caminos (1916-1992), who moved to 4 Doughty Mews (next door to the EES) in the 1980s. After his death, in 1992, the EES purchased his property which today houses our library and archive. While our charitable work focuses on the history of Egypt, we also have our own story to tell in the heritage of Camden.

Pop in to see the display from 10:30-16:30, Monday-Wednesday.

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