19 May 2020

New publishing mentorship scheme launched

The EES is proud to support Egyptian and Sudanese researchers to be published in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.

Since 1914, the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology has been at the forefront of Egyptological scholarship and publication and offered researchers the opportunity to present their work to peers. In recognition of the need to provide greater access to our growing numbers of colleagues and research partners in Egypt, the JEA has included Arabic abstracts with each article since 2014. In order to address the persistent geographic inequality in published Egyptological scholarship, the EES is proud to launch the Mentoring for Egyptian and Sudanese Authors (MESA) scheme.

MESA intends to support authors who submit papers to JEA which peer reviewers identify as promising a valuable contribution to scholarly debate, while also needing substantial input in terms of scientific rigour, academic writing, or related aspects. Authors will be offered to enter a pool of potential mentees, from which up to four per year will be selected for inclusion in the scheme.

Chosen authors will be paired with experienced mentors who will support them in developing and revising their papers for publication. The scheme will offer an honorarium to the mentors (not the mentees) in recognition of the time and resources when papers have been accepted for publication in JEA.

The scheme is not open for application. Potential participants will be identified by JEA’s editorial team during the peer review process. The author’s participation in the mentoring scheme will be acknowledged in the eventual publication in JEA. The mentors may also be acknowledged if they so wish.

The aim of the scheme is for Egyptian and Sudanese authors to benefit from consultations with renowned international experts in respective topics, supporting them in their scientific achievements and output, while also reflecting the global networks of Egyptological research today.

This initiative is funded thanks to the generosity of our Patron Giving Circle and replaces the earlier Patrons’ Awards. The scheme comes as part of the EES’ continuing efforts to support and promote Egypt’s cultural heritage and empower the global Egyptological community.  

If you feel that you want to support this scheme by becoming a mentor, please contact JEA’s editor-in-chief, Dr Claudia Naeser.

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