21 Oct 2019

Missing papyri: two updates to the EES statement of Monday 14 October 2019

Two further updates on missing papyri from the EES Oxyrhynchus Collection

First, the EES is happy to report that Mr Andrew Stimer has now confirmed to the EES that he holds in his collection five papyri of EES provenance which he acquired in good faith. He is keen to make arrangements for their return to the EES, and wishes to help the EES check whether he holds any other EES texts. The EES is very grateful for his co-operation. The five papyri, which are listed below, are all biblical texts. The first three are the texts once shown in a talk by Dr Carroll; numbers 4 and 5 are the fragments of Romans and Corinthians which belong with the fragments of the same texts which the Museum of the Bible has already agreed to return to the EES.

Mr Stimer intends to make his own statement on how these texts reached his collection.

  1. Exodus 40: P.Oxy. inv. 30 4B.37/F(1-3)c
  2. Psalms 3-4: inv. 100/103(b)
  3. Ecclesiastes: inv. 102/124(b)
  4. Romans 9-10: inv. 29 4B.46/G(4-6)a [three pieces]
  5. 1 Corinthians 7-10: inv. 106/116(c)


Second, the EES notes that four papyri featured in Dr Nongbri’s post of 18 October 2019, ‘Recently emerged papyri of dubious origins: a working list’, belong to and remain in the Oxyrhynchus collection, and have been assigned to editors for publication:

  1. Genesis 11: P.Oxy. inv. 11 1B.147/D(a)
  2. Matthew 12: inv. 102/66(d)
  3. Luke? [Luke 12]: inv. 106/113(c)
  4. Luke 2: inv. 104/42(c)

Two other texts (Exodus 40 and Psalms 3-4) are among those being returned to the EES by Mr Andrew Stimer.