21 May 2020

Gayer-Anderson Museum (Bayt el-Kiridliya)

Explore some of Egypt's most unique heritage sites from the comfort of your home.

Located just behind the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the house is named after the Cretan family that resided in these two joined medieval houses from 1834. Between 1935 and 1942, Major Gayer-Anderson resided and refurbished the houses. This tour gives you a glimpse into the home of Gayer-Anderson and what a wealthy Cairene home would have looked like 300 years ago.

Major Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson (1881-1945) was a British army surgeon, administrator and collector. Many of the antiquities that he collected can be seen in his home, others were distributed in 1943 to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge while others can be seen in Stockholm and the British Museum (including the famous Gayer-Anderson bronze cat).

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