01 Oct 2023

Enhancing management of Egyptian cultural heritage

Read more about the 2023 capacity building programme organised by the EES Cairo Office

In September 2023, the EES Cairo Office organised a training programme designed to build skills in the management of Egyptian cultural heritage. From over 360 applications, 14 participants joined the interactive sessions from a variety of backgrounds including Cairo University and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Through a series of lectures based on Egyptian and international examples, as well as site visits to museums, archaeological sites, and Historic Cairo the students learned about definitions of heritage, the legal protection of sites, and UNESCO guidelines.

23 09 Cairo training news 01.JPG

Essam Nagy (the EES) discussing the role of the Society in supporting and promoting Egyptian cultural heritage

A range of speakers from national and international organisations delivered the training both in-person and via Zoom. The students commented on the coverage in managing both tangible and intangible heritage to international standards. Many asked for further provision of training in this area and intermediate level training will be considered in future programmes.

23 09 Cairo training news 02.JPG

Participants on completion of the programme at the British Council in Agouza

The Society is grateful to the tutors of this programme who lead the sessions and joined from a variety of international organisations.

Mahmoud Shafie, archaeologist and cultural heritage management specialist.
Reham Zaky, archaeologist and cultural heritage management specialist.

Guest Speakers
Essam Nagy, the Egypt Exploration Society.
Mohamed Abdel Badie, Head of the Central Administration of Upper Egyptian Antiquities, MoTA.
Reham Hussain, Mentor and Evaluation consultant.
Azmy Salama, Egyptologist & tour guide.
Jose Galan, Director of the ‘Djehuty Project’ at Dra Abu el-Naga.
Evangelos Kyriakidis, Director of the Heritage Management Organization.
Sarah Court, World Heritage Leadership.
David Nkusi, University of Rwanda.

Amira Taha Abbas, MoTA
Antonia Ayman Boshra Sabet
Engy Ibrahim El-Badry
Hadeer Ali Abdel Aziz Sayed, MoTA
Jounir Joseph Sawires
Mai Kadry Ahmed Alansary, MoTA
Malak Khaled Abdelmonam
Mohamed Ibrahim Abdalla, Megawra
Rania Ibrahim Mohamed, MoTA
Reham Abd ElSattar Mahmoud, MoTA
Sarah Ismaeel Abdel Hameed, MoTA
Walaa Omer Mohammed Shaaban, MoTA
Yasmeen Mahmoud Mostafa, Cairo University.
Mostafa Mohamed