20 Dec 2019

English Language Courses 2020

EES / British Council English Language Courses 2020


2020 English language training students in the EES Cairo Office in the British Council

In partnership with the British Council we are delighted to provide the following Egyptian archaeologists and Egyptologists with English language training in 2020:

Ahmed Kamal Mamdouh Mohamed, Director of Documents Department, Centre of Documentation of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities, Ministry of Antiquities

Amira Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa, Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, Egyptology Department, Helwan University

Ashgan Ahmed Mohamed, Lecturer, Ain Shams University

Asmaa Hussein Abd Elhamied Mahmoud, Supervisor of Exhibitions Management, Akhenaten Museum, Minya, Ministry of Antiquities

Gehad Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Ghanem, Assistant Lecturer, Luxor University

Manar Mohamadeen Darwish Saleh, Translation Department, Ministry of Antiquities

Marwa Mohamed Saber Ahmed Ellboudy, International Organizations for Cultural Heritage and International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Antiquities

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Hasan, Director of Scientific Research Department, Akhenaten Museum, Minya, Ministry of Antiquities

Sameh Gamal Daoud Soliman, Repatriation of Antiquities Department, Ministry of Antiquities

Sarah Aldesoqi Sanad Alemary, Archaeological Inspector, Ministry of Antiquities

We wish they all the best in the course which will begin in January 2020. They were chosen from 110 applicants. Education and training continue to be an integral part of what the EES offers in Egypt and these figures continue to demonstrate the level of demand for these activities. If you would like to support further education and training then consider donating towards our work or joining as a member here.


2020 English language training students outside the EES Cairo Office in the British Council, Agouza

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