05 Dec 2018

2018 Patrons' Awards announced

Read more about the latest funding offered to early career Egyptologists by the Society's Patron donors and who will soon be on their way to Egypt.

Earlier this year we announced the launch of our latest funding opportunity to help early career Egyptologists – the EES Patrons’ Awards. Two grants, each of £1000, have been funded directly by donations from our Patrons. We are delighted to announce the two recipients that were selected to receive the awards and will soon travel from the UK to Egypt in order to explore their research goals further and work with our Cairo Office in order to facilitate their postgraduate learning.

During a five week stay in Luxor, Ellen Jones (University of Oxford) is planning to collect data from a corpus of Theban tombs which will feed directly into her DPhil research. Through an interdisciplinary approach using her backgrounds in Egyptology and Anthropology, she will explore the representational differences between the female relatives of early–mid 18th Dynasty Theban tomb owners to investigate the potential familial power relations between women. Studying these tombs in person is vital to her research, as she will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the representation of elite women and female familial roles in New Kingdom Thebes, and thus also improving the scope and reliability of her final conclusions.

Jennifer Turner’s PhD research (University of Birmingham) aims to record the diverse ways in which inscriptions from over 220 elite statues from the Karnak cachette utilise the statue surface, and includes a range in statue type, material, date, and textual content. Of the statues currently held in Cairo, a shortlist of 55 are crucial to view as there are limited images of the objects available both in print and online, and seeing these statues by herself is mandatory to finalize her research.

Thanks to the support of EES Patrons, they will each be able to spend one month in Egypt in order to answer their research questions.

We wish them both the best of luck for their research trips, from which we will be hearing soon. Stay tuned!

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