The Egypt Exploration Society is the custodian of the largest collection of ancient papyri in the world. Housed at the University of Oxford, the collection comprises over 500,000 fragments of literary and documentary texts dating from the third century BC to the seventh century AD. The texts are written in Greek, ancient Egyptian (hieroglyphic, hieratic, demotic), Coptic, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and Pahlavi.

Most of the papyri come from the excavations of Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt (above) on behalf of the Graeco-Roman Branch of the Egypt Exploration Society between 1896 and 1907. During this time they conducted investigations at sites around the Faiyum, and most prominently at the site of Oxyrhynchus (Bahnasa). Other papyri come from the expedition of John de Monins Johnson to Antinoopolis in 1913-14. The Society also holds various records of the excavations and the distribution of the finds, including photographs taken by the Graeco-Roman Branch.

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The Oxyrhynchus Papyri
Papyrology Rooms
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Sackler Library
University of Oxford
1 St. John St.
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Financial support for the care and publication of the collection, which is designated as a British Academy Major Project, is currently provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

Publication of the texts is made available through the Graeco-Roman Memoirs which is available for subscription as part of EES membership. So far 6000 texts have been published, all with translations and commentaries in English, making this the best published of the world’s papyri collections.

Reproduction permission and fees

Applicants should first check whether there is an image already available, and of adequate quality, on the website of the University of Oxford Imaging Papyri Project. Once an image is selected, a request can be made by following the instructions here

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