Our history

The Egypt Exploration Society was founded in 1882 by Amelia Edwards. Following a visit to Egypt in 1873-4, she developed a passion for documenting, exploring and preserving the country’s unique heritage. Her legacy, the EES, continues this mission today.

Such is the fate of every Egyptian monument, great or small... every day, more inscriptions are mutilated, more tombs are rifled, more paintings and sculptures are defaced.

Amelia B Edwards

A Thousand Miles Up the Nile, 1877

Over the course of our history we have explored over 150 sites and monuments in Egypt and Sudan, discovered thousands of artefacts and contributed to the scientific development of British archaeology in Egypt.

We now work closely with the Egyptian government to continue our mission and are the only UK charity to combine archaeological fieldwork in Egypt with a busy publications programme and a unique archive and research library.

At a time when heritage is more threatened than ever before, we are at the forefront; developing new ways of working with local communities, training Egyptian scholars and supporting fieldwork projects through grants and awards.

If you would like more information about our history, then visit our Collection Highlights to read more.