"I have left the EES a legacy because I want its work to continue; I think preservation of its collections, ongoing research and publication, and engagement with the non-academic community are all vitally important."
Dr Margaret Mountford, Papyrologist, EES legator.

The Egypt Exploration Society was founded over a century ago by a small group of people who passionately believed in supporting Egypt’s heritage and protecting it for future generations. By leaving a gift to the EES today, you will carry on that legacy.

We hope that you will consider leaving a bequest to the EES in your Will. All the guidance and instructions for doing this are provided on this webpage or in our legacy pack which can be mailed to you, but if you have any further questions then our staff team are happy to help.

With your kind and generous support, we can ensure that Egyptian heritage is supported and promoted to future generations ensuring that your passion remains alive too.

Thank you for considering Egyptian heritage in your Will.

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Leaving a gift in your will

There are many different types of legacy. You may for example leave

A specific legacy a specific sum, or particular asset or assets from your estate

A residuary legacy all or a specified portion or percentage of your estate after all expenses and specific gifts have been paid

A reversionary legacy a gift of property or other assets which will be passed to the EES only after the life interest of another beneficiary has come to an end

or make the EES a beneficiary of a life assurance policy payable upon your death.

Sample wording

If you leave a bequest to the EES in the following words “I give to the Egypt Exploration Society (amount or nature of bequest) to be used for its general purposes.”, your gift could be put towards any of our core activities: fieldwork, research, education, training, publishing or archiving. If you would prefer to make a more targeted gift, then please contact us to discuss your options.

Although it can be simple to make a new will, or amend an existing will, we would recommend that you should take legal advice.

Inheritance tax

The EES is a registered charity and is exempt from tax so your estate will not have to pay inheritance tax on any gift left to it.  If you are a US taxpayer, please contact the London Office for information on tax-efficient bequests.

Gifts in action

Some of our greatest achievements were made possible thanks to legacies left to us by our supporters. If you leave us a gift in your Will then you too will become part of this great philanthropic tradition, and so become part of Egypt’s history.

In Egypt

In 2006 Michael Murphy bequeathed £23,000 to support work at Memphis. The result was a transformation in our understanding of Egypt’s early capital city.

In the UK

In 2006, the parents of Lucy Gura gave £40,000 in memory of their daughter. Their gift established the Lucy Gura Archive, which has preserved some of the oldest photographs of excavations in Egypt in the world.

If you would like to donate in memory of somebody then please contact us to discuss it further. 

Sharing your plans with us

We recognise that your future plans are a private matter and you may not wish to tell the Society about them. If, however, you would like to inform us of your legacy gift, or that you are thinking about making one and would like to discuss this,  please write to us at the London office or email [email protected]. This would allow us the opportunity to discuss any requirements with you and to welcome you into our circle of legators as a thank you for your bequest. 

Thank you for remembering Egypt's heritage in your Will