Delta Survey

A British Academy Research Project

Information on the archaeological sites of the Delta is presented here in the form web-pages containing an alphabetical listing of sites. Where a substantial amount of information is available, or photographs of the site exist, links are provided to supplementary pages. The site-names in most cases are those of the Survey of Egypt maps. The material is offered as a source of reference and a tool for the planning of new projects.  The letters 'T' and 'K' in the lists stand for 'Tell' and 'Kom' respectively, Arabic words for 'mound', describing the usual appearance of archaeological sites in the region.

We would recommend viewing this area of the website on a desktop computer. 

You may also be interested to visit the separate Western Delta Regional Survey on Durham University's website here: 

The satellite imagery available through Google EarthTM is a valuable resource for archaeological research. The program is free to download from their website. Use the Latitude and Longitude coordinates for the archaeological sites included in the EES Delta Survey in Google EarthTM and the viewer will take you to that location. A few areas of the Delta are at present only photographed at low resolution, but the majority is available in good-quality images. These show the present size of the sites, their surroundings, areas lost to cultivation or other development and any ancient or modern buildings.

A selection of characteristic sites has been grouped for presentation as a Google EarthTM project, showing their distribution and present condition.

Note: The file for download from the link below is in compressed format (zip). Double-click to decompress and extract the file within, which is a KMZ file. Drag this to the Google Earth window to open the presentation.

Click here to download the data (you must have Google Earth installed in order to view it).