This lecture will cover the archaeological campaigns conducted at the site of the Graeco-Roman city of Hermopolis Magna, especially on the site of the Roman public bath, which is located to the east of Al-Ashmunein cemetery. The first archaeological campaign from March to April 2022 was funded by a Heritage at Risk Grant from the Egypt Exploration Society. That archaeological campaign revealed the hot section of a Roman public bath, and more can be read in Egyptian Archaeology 62.

In March 2023, the project received more funding when granted the Centenary Award from the Egypt Exploration Society to complete excavations work at the site. In April 2023, the work uncovered an extension of the hot section to the north, containing three rooms with numerous bathtubs in good condition with marble floors, as well as a very meticulous and well-preserved sewage system. The earliest examples similar to this bath known in Egypt are from the same historical period, such as at Kom el-Dosheh in Lower Egypt or at Suez/Clysma in Sinai, Al-Barnoji bath in Beheira all of which are dated from the fourth to the sixth century CE.

Abdel Kader_Excavation of a Roman Public Bath at Hermopolis Magna_surveying architecture

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Abdel Kader_Excavation of a Roman Public Bath at Hermopolis Magna_birds-eye view
Hesham Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Kader

Hesham Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Kader

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