24 11 05 Mansel_Consuls, Travellers, Spies_LouisFrancois Cassas_View of Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre c1790

Consuls, Travellers, Spies

Naeser_Understanding New Kingdom Theban Tombs_offering scene

Understanding New Kingdom Theban Tombs

Sheppard_Women’s Work in the History of Egyptology_Jonas Broome Calverley

Women’s Work in the History of Egyptology

Open Day Image

EES Open Day

Clayton_Beyond Beginners Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs_Sebekkhu stela

Beyond Beginners Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

de la Bedoyere_The Fall of Egypt and the Rise of Rome_Medinet Habu Small Temple gate

The Fall of Egypt and the Rise of Rome

Adams_Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra_Cleopatra and Caesarion at Dendera

Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra

 Clayton_Middle Egyptian Reading Texts_stela_Imenyseneb

Middle Egyptian Text Reading

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