We believe that understanding and preserving past cultures is crucial for informing our shared identities and futures.

The man who knows and dwells in history adds a new dimension to his existence…

William Matthew Flinders Petrie, 1904.

We do this by transcending modern political boundaries to explore Egyptian cultural heritage and sharing the results with a global community.

As the UK’s leading charity supporting archaeological fieldwork and research in Egypt since 1882, we engage a diverse international audience of like-minded individuals to preserve and protect cultural heritage for future generations.

Sharing a lasting record


For over a century we have combined archaeological fieldwork and research with a fast-paced publications programme in order to communicate the results of our work to both scientific and general audiences. In more recent years, Egyptian Archaeology has disseminated the results of archaeological fieldwork to broader audiences, while the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology remains one of the leading scientific journals in the discipline.

To leave important remains without any diffused record is a crime only exceeded by that of their destruction.

William Matthew Flinders Petrie, 1901.


After publication the documentation for each expedition has been deposited in our archives. These unique collections of material constitute a lasting record of the remains explored and ensures the long term preservation of the knowledge gained from their investigation in order to inform future generations.  

Current focus

Since 2014 the Society has made financial grants available to those working in the field. This has allowed us to reach a wide variety of projects that have been in most need of funding. From 2017, the Society will continue to focus on its own concessions (sites excavated under the auspices of the Egypt Exploration Society), and communicating the results of this work through a series of events in 2018. We will be continuing our provision of educational and training events for students through our Cairo office and our Egyptian Archaeology Skills School based in London.

All of our activities are funded by an international supporter base made up of members, donors, and sponsors. It is with thanks to them that we are able to continue our mission and maintain our impact in UK Egyptology.