The Amarna Coffins Project

Non-elite funerary belief in the reign of Akhenaten. Project directors: Anna Stevens and Anders Bettum, Amarna Project. Read more

Qubbet el-Hawa Research Project

The causeway of the tombs of Khunes and Sarenput. Project director: Martin Bommas, University of Birmingham. Read more

Tell el-Amarna M50.14-16

Excavation of a bead workshop and chemical analysis of glass found throughout Amarna. Project director: Anna Hodgkinson, Freie Universität Berlin. Read more

The Naqada Regional Archaeological Survey and Site Management Project

Following in Petrie’s Footsteps. Project director: Geoffrey Tassie, University of Winchester. Read more


The texts of Quarry P in their industrial landscape context. Project director: Roland Enmarch, University of Liverpool. Read more

The Abydos Temple Paper Archive Project

(Centenary Award). Project director: Nora Shalaby. Read more

The tomb of Usermontu (TT382)

A re-discovered tomb in Qurnet Murei. Project director: Sayed Mamdouh. Read more

Beni Hasan al-Shuruq survey

(Centenary Award). Project director: Bart Vanthuyne, KU Leuven Read more

Building Shalfak

Research into the building history, techniques and materials of the Middle Kingdom fortress of Shalfak in Lower Nubia. Project director: Claudia Näser, University College London. Read more