Tell el-Amarna M50.14-16

Excavation of a bead workshop and chemical analysis of glass found throughout Amarna. Project director: Anna Hodgkinson, Freie Universität Berlin.Read more

The Amarna Coffins Project

Non-elite funerary belief in the reign of Akhenaten. Project directors: Anna Stevens and Anders Bettum, Amarna Project.Read more

Qubbet el-Hawa Research Project

The causeway of the tombs of Khunes and Sarenput. Project director: Martin Bommas, University of Birmingham.Read more

Pottery Analysis and Embalming Secrets

A view from the cemetery of Qubbet el-Hawa, Aswan (Centenary Award). Project director: Eman Khalifa, Cairo University.Read more

Building Shalfak

Research into the building history, techniques and materials of the Middle Kingdom fortress of Shalfak in Lower Nubia. Project director: Claudia Näser, University College London.Read more

Kom al-Ahmer / Kom Wasit Archaeological Project

The investigation of two inter-connected archaeological sites in the Beheira region. Project director: Cristina Mondin, Mohamed Kenawi, Michele Asolati, and Giorgia Marchiori (field director).Read more

Archeological Survey of Coptos

The development of the Hellenistic and Roman city. Project director: Laure Pantalacci, University of Lyon 2.Read more

Tell Timai (Thmuis)

Survey and excavation of the religious complex. Project director: James Bennett, University of Durham.Read more

The pyramid of Zawyet Sultan

Local contexts past and present. Project director: Richard Bussmann, University of Cologne.Read more