We realise that video is an unusual method for applying for funding during your Egyptological studies – but here are some tips to help you succeed in creating a compelling and creative video. 

Successful video applications from previous Patrons' Award winners can be seen here.

1. Plan your video before you start

Check that you know what you want to present and how you will fit it into the 2 minutes you have. Make sure that you cover who you are, what your research is, what you need the Award for, and why you deserve to get it.

2. Do not just recite your application

Make sure your video stands out from the crowd, make it attention-grabbing. By reciting your application word-for-word, you are simply telling us things we already know. Embed images and other media so that we get a better idea of your research. Ask a friend to watch it for you – or better yet, ask them to film you!

3. Ensure your video is clearly structured and audible

Speak clearly and ensure that the flow of your video is logical and persuasive. You could use background sounds, but ensure that these do not overshadow your own narration.

4. Consider taking several videos using different angles

Be creative with the video and consider your audience. This video will be seen by EES staff and Trustees as well as some of our major donors who will fund your Award. What might they want to see and how will your proposal impress them? Edit your video to make sure that it is professional and clear.

5. Watch your video back before you submit it

Like any professional application, you should check it before submitting. Do you (or a friend) clearly understand your proposal and why you deserve to receive the Award?

6. Have fun

We’re looking for people that can clearly communicate and are confident in presenting their research. Most of all, have fun in making your video!

Submitting your video and application

You might wish to submit your video using an online file transfer programme, such as WeTransfer. Send it directly to [email protected].

Applications should be received by 17:00 on Friday 1st November 2019 for use before 30 September 2020. Successful applicants will be notified by 16th November 2019.  There will be no interviews.