Coptic and Islamic material noted. Visited by Prisse d'Avennes in 1836 - he was not impressed. Indicated on ESA 1996 map NH36-N2a. Excavations by SCA from Port Said office, 1997.

Visited by Alison Gascoigne in 1999 as part of study into early Islamic sites: photographs show vast extent of mound and remains of city walls with rounded towers. Also some well-preserved red brick cisterns for water storage, formed of multiple parallel vaults (see the photographs opposite). Some of the major street lines visible. Alison Gascoigne returned to begin a survey of the mound in May 2000. Work has continued through a project if the University of Southampton and the French Institute in Cairo, see Pantalacci, L., 'Travaux de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale en 2004-2005: Tinnis',  BIFAO 105 (2005), 432-5. 

Following the Initial, relatively short, visits to the site made during 1999 and 2001, a larger archaeological survey was undertaken between 3-22 April 2004, during which the topography of the mounds and all visible remains were mapped using DGPS. A significant area in the centre of the site, as well as a smaller strip across the northeast walls, was surveyed using magnetometry and architectural and ceramic studies were carried out. 

In spring 2009, further geophysical survey was carried out on the southern and eastern edges of the site, in cooperation with Kristian Strutt and John Cooper. The magnetometry survey was extended, and GPR was successfully trialed (despite the damp and saline conditions). The plan of a large courtyard building, perhaps a khan, was revealed just inside the walls in the east; the alignments of surrounding buildings, and some possible routes around them, were also visible. In the southern sector, magnetometry was conducted over the junction of the south canal and the great city walls, and the canal was seen to continue, with structures along the banks, outside the limits of the walled town. 

Photographs: Alison Gascoigne



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