A small, sandy mound with a modern cmetery on its eastern end. Crossed by a track from north to south, with the bulk of the mound to the east of this track. Portion to the west of the track levelled by 2016. Cemetery has expanded on the east partCemetery of the 26th dynasty dug by SCA but unpublished.

Abdel-Latif El-Wakil did reclamation work in 1966 which produced an inscribed limestone sarcophagus [taken to Alexandria] and some mud brick tombs, each with a set of canopic jars. Cemetery of 5-10 feddan subject of several excavation seasons. Rabie Amin Abu el-Kasim carried out two seasons of excavation in 1976 and 78: site flattened below level of fields, water at 1m depth. Cemetery excavated with mummies, in single and multiple pit graves; brick-lined graves, mud brick tombs and pottery coffins. Stucco mummy masks ? beads, shabtis, pottery, stone vessels, scarabs & amulets. No date given. Excavations continue on an irregular basis, the most recent season being that of 2001, directed by Mohamed Ibrahim Att-Allah and Karem Abu Hotp Komar (Arabic report shows photographs of pottery, skeletons and grave pits). Access to the magazine at Kom Firin revealed intact and fragmentary ceramic slipper coffins, and some rejoined amphorae.

Coulson & Leonard included Silvagou in the Naukratis Survey and noted the presence of tombs, mostly of Saite date; also some Sea -Peoples burials in pottery coffins. Two Mycenean stirrup jars found. 


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