Visited by J. and P. Spencer in 1990: Deep machine-cuts for sebakh on W side, one has created a flat area used as football pitch (see picture). Sherds of Late Roman/Byzantine date on surface, with glass fragments and fired bricks. Glazed Islamic sherd noted. Large piece of worked granite. Survey by DAI 1983 recorded Coptic pottery of 7-8 cent. AD, with some later Byzantine sherds; also column-drums and capitals of red granite.

Surveyed and mapped by  Penny Wilson in 2004

See Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 240-4, 442-53.

GPS Coordinates of Points

Station 1 :  N31°16.088’ , E030°49.50 
Station 2 :  N31°16.168’ , E030°49.51 
Station 3 :  N31°16.094’ , E030°49.613 
SoE Points: None noted

Archaeological Material 
The site is a compact tell, though there is evidence of recent earth moving by bulldozer at the eastern side, where a series of apartment buildings are under construction. The top of the mound is quite flat and it slopes away gently on the north-eastern and eastern side, but has steeper cut away sides on the south and west. On the north there is a deep pit area, now used as a small football pitch and there is a granite block at the northern side of the area which is an eroded column capital (presumably a reuse). There are also two grinding stones of granite and a limestone block on the south-western side of the mound.

All the sides are cut by rain water gullies, which expose additional pottery. The excavation of soil on the eastern side has exposed a section about 2m high with pottery and red brick. The top surface of the mound shows some house plans which are more obvious with rain.

Pottery was collected from the surface,  and seemed to be of Roman-Late Antique date and also from the earth dug out of the trench dug for the foundations of the new apartment buildings. This also seemed to be Late Antique in date, but there was a more of a mixture of material and it was in better condition than the surface pottery.

Diagnostic Types 
Pie-crust rim 
Strainers from water jar neck 
Painted pottery, with orange, brown and cream paint on cream backgroun 
Late sigillata ware 
Large domestic cooking pots 

Other Find 
Fragments of glass

Date Mapped:  25, 26, 28 August 2004 (Osman, Rowland, Wilson).

Two photographs taken in 1990. © Patricia & Jeffrey Spencer.


Left, levelled area for football pitch and high mound behind; right, view across the top of the mound in 1990

Photographs from a large number of images taken by Penny Wilson in 2004 (copies of the others are kept at the EES London Office).