Reported to be covered by village and cemetery, according to Daressy's notes of 1912. The mound was partly occupied by a village and modern cemetery, but accessible areas of the surface contained Coptic material. Satellite imagery of 2005 shows a mound of 160 x 80m covered by modern tombs.

Information collected by Joanne Rowland, 2006:

A local farmer informed us that to the west of this site, at San Saft, the fields are full of pottery. This site was found during a search for a Kom Shuhada, visited in 1912 by Georges Daressy.  It is about 4km north of Zawiyet Rosein (see  Delta Survey no. 43 Kom Manous). We found a large number of sherds in the fields around the cemetery including a number of diagnostics. The pottery would appear to be Roman in date and there is a wide range of different handles, bases and rims. Walls were said to be under the fields, perhaps these are the underground channels of red brick referred to at other sites.