Martin, G. T. (2016) Tutankhamun's Regent: Scenes and Texts from the Memphite Tomb of Horemheb

Excavation Memoir 111

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This publication is a revised edition of the 1989 landmark volume, The Memphite Tomb of Horemheb, Commander-in-Chief of Tutankhamun, I: The Reliefs, Inscriptions, and Commentary (Excavation Memoir 55), with changes made to take account of new finds and scholarly articles. It includes a section on a tympanum and doorjambs in the Louvre Museum (C68-70[N221]), a monument not from the Memphite Tomb but which bears the name and some titles of Horemheb as a state official, before he ascended the throne.

Hardcover, 191 pages, 181 b/w plates, 19 colour plates

The author

Geoffrey T. Martin is Edwards Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Philology Emeritus at University College London and Fellow Commoner of Christ’s College, Cambridge University. For more than five decades he has been involved in archaeological and epigraphic missions in Egypt and the Sudan, many of which were sponsored by the Egypt Exploration Society and the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden.